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Rewind back to the headonistic days of the early nineties.......

Rave was the wellbieng of a generation, and Milwaukees was a church of worship. In early 1991 we was approached to host a music areana at the Bedford River Festival. So, one mad summers day the ravers of the night came out to party in the summer sun, at what became known as Lazy Sunday.

Now, some 25 years on, the Milwaukees Crew have stepped up to the plate to bring Lazy Sunday back to life with a new vibe.

With everyone from the early days now becoming paternts, and grandparents, it seemed only right to make the Lazy Sunday Festival suitable for all ages.

Some are still out regulary partying, some come out of retirement for big events, but with the ethos of Lazy Sunday "Its about the Family" the Milwaukees Crew have made Lazy Sunday a festival for the entire family. The sight of a grandparents dancing around with their grandchildren is a sight to behold. To share the moment of reliving our youth with friends and family old and new makes for one very special day.

Obviously with so many age groups in attendance the production level of Lazy Sunday has to be on a new level to anything from back in the day. From various bars, numerous variations of food vendors within our Street Food Zone, to exciting changes for our new Fun Zone, no stone is left unturned in the production of Lazy Sunday.

Planning for Lazy Sunday 2020 started before the 2019 event!  Whilst we sold out an enlarged capacity  to 5,000 in 2018 & 2019 from 3,000 in 2017, the production aspects of Lazy Sunday are still getting bigger year on year!


Street Food Zone:

We have not only increased the amount of vendors year on year, we have also found even more food options, suitable for all ages, dietary needs and affordability. We have also secured the UK's Take Away of the year, Chicken George, who will be rolling out their brand new street food stand.


Fun Zone:

Whilst we like to have numerous options to keep the kids happy and intrested during the day, we are dramatically changinf the kids zone for 2020, with some great new additions!

News to follow leading up to the event!


Bar Zone:

No one likes waiting for drinks, hence we have increased bar areas two fold, with more serving areas, more staff making for a much easier day, not haning about to be served!


Side Stalls:

We do love a side stall! From face painting, to donuts to massages, expect even more attractions to keep everyone happy in 2020!



You, Me and a whole lot of Lazy Sunday.



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